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About Freelance Resource

Hello, my objective is to provide a resource for freelancers, or would-be freelancers, world-wide. Welcome!

Want to know about pricing? About creating your business? About marketing your services? About great tools for working from anywhere? Want some tips on your specific field? How to keep up-to-date, and get formal qualifications in your field? Share, and join the discussions.
The inspiration for this resource is to answer questions about freelancing posed by friends, students, clients, and others. Many questions come from people considering becoming a freelancer. Others from those already a freelancer but wanting to have a more fulfilled life. Why do they ask me? I guess because I have been freelancing for almost 20 years in a number of domains: teaching, consulting, coaching, researching, and writing. Along the way, I have learned a few things, and am happy to share. Being a freelancer can be a lonely business. Let this be your new home. Your are not alone!
The blog has tabs to give instant access to ideas, stories, resources, and links. Please explore. Be sure to leave a comment especially when you have something to share. Please also let us have your suggestions and questions. If you want to write to me privately, please do. My email address is: - put 'Freelance Resource' in the subject.

What is the objective of this blog - an update

I have had a number of helpful comments about this blog, so decided to give you and update on where I am planning to go with the blog. As a long-term freelancer (and a coach, and consultant) I have, over the years, had a lot of questions from students, clients, and others about freelancing; hence the blog.  My aim is to have three main sections in the blog (and, perhaps, a related webpage):
1. The core - general information about becoming and operating as a freelancer
2. The Niches - information, links, and stories about a range of freelance activities such as: coaching, writing (maybe a number of niches here: writing, copy writing, technical writing, etc.), media management, etc.
3. The Locations - information about the rules governing freelancing in different countries/states

As of now, there is some initial material in the core. I will be adding material in the niches in the next days. My hope is that this will become an active space both for freelancers to share and request information, and for clients seeking freelancers. So, links back to the websites, blogs, email (whatever) of individual freelancers.

Please let me have your comments on this strategy, as well as the material if you have time.


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